Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soccer Camp 2010

Last week was soccer camp, hosted by a local church.  This year, Derek and Carter were old enough to join Evan in the fun.

Good kick, Derek!

Owen wasn't old enough yet, but he had fun playing on the sidelines and making friends with the sweetest black lab puppy.  He's now decided that's the kind of puppy he wants.

Run, Evan! actually I think he was running for water break here :)

Owen passing the ball with Daddy.  One of the days was my birthday, and since Ben took my birthday off of work (love him!), he also got to enjoy watching his boys at soccer camp that day.

Evan loves soccer.
He did so much better this year. 


Evan in action.


Carter missed a day because he was sick, but he had a great time.


On the last day, the church puts on a Victory Night. 
The boys were thrilled with their tshirts, trophies, and water bottles.

Derek and Carter


Little D collapsed on the ground after chasing some girls around the church lawn.

The boys have been looking forward to those 3 days of soccer camp all year!  It's nice to have something that's good for their development, physically and socially, and that is free, and is hosted by people you trust. 

One of the ways we've made our summer vacation moments matter.   Only a week until summer vacation comes to a close, so we're trying to make the most of it!  What fun frugal activities do you do with your kids?  I'm always looking for new ideas!

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