Friday, February 25, 2011

For Love of Reading

This is what Evan has been doing lately. Reading while walking through the house. The Reading Bug has bit him, and he is reading up a storm.  Love it!

I started at the beginning of the school year buying Magic Tree House books for Evan. I gave the first one to him on the morning of the first day of school, as a Welcome Back to School gift.

He is enrolled in the Pizza Hut Book It program, so we have been using books in the series for his reading goals. Every time he finishes one, I have to go find him the next one.  And because his momma is sentimental we're collecting the series instead of just getting them from the library. I had a collection of Berenstein Bear books when I was little that I had saved and was hoping to give to my kids. Our dog destroyed them before my kids were born and had a chance to read them!

I found him a set of the 10 next books in the series on eBay for $7.49, which was a steal!  They arrived only a week ago, and he has them all read already! 

I love seeing him enjoy reading so much.  Makes me happy as his mom....and his teacher!

Now he is writing his own stories.  So cute!

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