Monday, May 9, 2011

Epitaph for our Friend Nemo

We suffered a loss here in our home a few days ago.  Evan's beloved pet goldfish, Nemo, died unexpectedly.
Poor Evan cried and cried.  I knew he'd be sad, but I wasn't prepared for how hard he'd take it.
Mostly he feels bad.  He thinks he should have been better at taking care of Nemo.
And he feels guilty because as he says, "I only gave him one birthday."  :)  He forgot to throw Nemo a birthday party this March.  Yes, last year he celebrated Nemo's birthday with him!  What a sensitive soul he has.

Nemo was a good fish these last two years.  This picture was taken just after he joined the family.

Evan wrote this note today about his pet fish.  I thought it was a sweet epitaph for Nemo.

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