Sunday, May 8, 2011

My 8th Mother's Day

Today marks the 8th year God has blessed me with the privilege of being a Mom.  I had fun making a collage of all my Mother's Days so far.  It's neat to see how God has grown my family since that first Mother's Day in 2004, when I was a mom to a 3 month old little boy.  Who, by the way is 7 years old, finishing first grade, reading books like you wouldn't believe, and losing his baby teeth....and is one awesome big brother.

Years 2005 and 2006,  I realized I didn't have a Mother's Day photo for of Evan and I.  Not sure why.  But I had Easter pictures which were very close in date to MD.  :)  As you can see in 2006 (3rd on the bottom), there were 2 other children present, just hidden.  :)  Those two boys are going to be 5 in a couple of months!
They are funny, active, sweet boys.

The 4th photo on the bottom looks like my hands were full, but so was my belly....6 months pregnant with baby #4.

Year 2007 (in the middle) was my 1st Mother's Day with all 4 of my boys.  Sweet little O-man is now almost 4, a chatterbox and a momma's boy.

Each year the boys get cuter, and I get older.  Sigh.

Thank you, God, for these precious lives you've entrusted to my hands and my heart.  May I be faithful in this task, so that one day when I see Your face, I can present them back to You with joy.

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