Sunday, June 6, 2010

Every Dollar Matters

Now, we all know how important it is to make every dollar count. I am in that pursuit every day as a stay at home, home-educating, home-owning mom with 4 active little boys. We've all become more aware of the need to be more frugal and make the most of our money. I hope to share with you my frugal finds, delicious deals, and money saving tips. I love this delicious deal I found at recently.

The deal was on the suit, not the cute kid. :-)

The suit was originally $50. I got it for $17.48! It fits him so good, and the shipping was very quick. I was so pleased with the suit (better quality than I expected) and the deal!   With tax and shipping I paid $23.13!  And best of all, my little man looked so sharp in this pin stripe suit at his Kindergarten graduation.

So, how do we make every moment and every dollar matter?  Next time you are in need of something, instead of going out and buying it, do a little research on line and in stores and find a deal.  I saved my family  $33.50 by buying this suit on clearance.  This was not the only place I looked.  I allowed myself time to shop around and only bought what was in my means to purchase.  It's worth the little bit of time I spent surfing the web and checking out the kids' departments in our local department stores.  Next time, I might hit the internet first for a purchase like this, because I could not find any deal even close to this in any store.  How have you made every dollar matter recently?  I'd love to hear how....please post a comment!

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