Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

Recently, I was talking to my neighbors on a hot humid day. In the process of complimenting my neighbor on her lovely hair, I complained about my own. Now, I have legitimate reason to complain. My hair has been torturing me all my life. In fact, I remember as a kid my mom took me to the beautician and told her she had no idea what to do with my hair and that we needed help! Once upon a time, my hair was actually cute. Somewhere along the way about the age of 5, it got crazy. My mom would comb my hair and turn around and it looked like I just got out of bed. It is seriously hair with a mind of its own. It likes to be curly and wavy, thick, frizzy and unmanageable. When there's any humidity it gets frizzy and poofy and there's no fixin' it. I've always wanted silky straight hair. And I'll admit I get awfully envious of those with wash and go hair.
Well, my 6 year old boy was listening to me talk to my neighbors. He came over and stood right in front of me looking at me very seriously, gave me a hug, and said, "But I like you just the way you are." What a sweetheart. He loves his momma, faults and all, and he didn't like hearing me compare myself with someone else's mom. And then I thought, how bad of me. To complain about the way God made me in front of my child, while all the time telling him to be happy with the way God made him. To compare myself outloud with someone else, while teaching him that we are all special unique creations made in the image of God. A bit of hypocrisy I'm sure, and a lot of bad example. Made me think that I should be a whole lot more careful about the things I say. I'm confident I have alot of work to do in this area. How about you? There are little ears listening, and they will model what they hear.
So, how can we make every moment matter? Oh be careful little mouth what you say!

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